Wedding Favors and Bridesmaid Gifts

Destination Wedding Favors and Gifts that Travel Well

If you've decided on a destination wedding, you'll be asking more of your guests than usual. A holiday in the sun isn't cheap, and even if you forego the gift registry, your closest friends and family will be forking out a lot of money just to sit at your ceremony. While you should never feel guilty about your decision to have a wedding far away from home, you should find a way to show your gratitude for the people who have gone to the ends of the earth for you on your special day.

Useful Wedding Favors for Jet Setting Guests

You could wait until you arrive at your destination to choose some wedding favors for your guests, but that can be stressful, risky and difficult. If you decide to bring your favors over with you, it's important to consider shape, size and weight when you're browsing through your options. You don't want to pay a fee for overweight luggage, and although they may all fit in a bag, that doesn't mean the favors will arrive intact:

  • Keep it simple. It's a good idea to choose something in a single piece of strong material to minimize breakage, such as a bottle opener, bottle stopper or personalized sticks of lip balm or sun block for the wedding.
  • Travel-themed trinkets. They traveled far to be with you on your wedding day, so why not show your appreciation with something for their future travels? Canvas beach bags to use at the resort and on their next holiday or leather luggage tags to use on their way home are both nice options.
  • Airplane-friendly fare. Miniature playing cards, crosswords and Sudoku books are excellent travel companions when there's a long flight ahead. Include some edible treats, like mints or other hard candy for a breath-freshener en route, or ginger chews to settle the stomach if motion sickness kicks in.

Instead of carting a bag of goodies overseas, consider an intangible treat for the group. There's probably a selection of day trips and fun activities to do during the week or two your guests are staying at the venue, so treat them to a grand day out. A lot will depend on where your wedding takes place, but a boat cruise, snorkeling trip, tour of the local brewery or winery, or even a sightseeing ride around the town are all great ways to enjoy some more time with your guests away from the wedding setting.

A Departure from Ordinary Bridesmaid Gifts

It's hard work being a bridesmaid, especially when significant travel is involved. Think about what might make your maids more comfortable during the wedding and reception, and help them have a wonderful holiday once their bridesmaid duties are complete:

  • A weekend bag with some beach-specific items to enjoy on their trip. The bag itself is sure to come in handy for future getaways, and it's a step up from a casual canvas tote. Fill it with all sorts of beach-friendly items, like drink cozies, designer lip balm, a cute pair of flip flops and a pretty sarong to stay stylish in the sand.
  • Designer clutches are trendy choices for fashionable bridesmaids, but a leather passport wallet is more fitting for a destination wedding. You could even tuck a couple of surprises into the slots, like gift cards to their favorite restaurant or spa, or even a little piece of jewelry.
  • Go traditional with jewelry, but substitute beach-inspired stones like turquoise, opal and pearl for more conventional gems. Both breathtaking and affordable, these stones are also a departure from the commonplace bridal party styles.

The amount you spend on your guests and bridesmaids will depend on your wedding budget and the size of your guest list. Since many destination weddings will be fairly small, you may have more opportunity to splurge on your family and friends. In that case, tailor the gifts to each one of them, or make up a few different thoughtful favors to cater to different personalities. Your personalized gestures and attention to detail will make your guests feel honored to be at your wedding, and happy with their holiday.