Wedding Cakes and Menus

Fresh Wedding Ideas for Eco-Savvy Cakes and Menus

Food will take a big bite out of a wedding budget, but it can also elevate a party to new heights. The menu you serve will play a starring role and the cake you choose will be an art-piece, but you should expect more than a pretty presentation and passable flavor. An eco-friendly approach to your wedding food will add unrivaled freshness, taste and peace of mind to your reception that is sure to impress everyone.

Clever Ideas for a Green Menu

When you're designing an eco-conscious menu, be prepared to compromise. It's important to stay true to your principles, but you're also feeding a roomful of guests; a vegetarian or vegan menu can be a turn-off for some attendees, and a devotion to top-shelf organic fare can break your budget. Think about your priorities as well as your favorite wedding ideas, and then find ways to incorporate these into a menu everyone will love:

  • Vegetarian friendly. If you're a devoted herbivore, you can have a veggie-centered menu, but be sure to make it hearty and filling. You might hear some grumbles from the carnivores, but they will be much happier with a meatless menu if there's a variety of indulgent tastes and textures in your vegetarian spread. Think cheese, butter and rich sauces alongside your fresh veggie dishes (if your principles can handle it).
  • Fresh and organic. Fresh ingredients will always taste the best, and organic is healthier for people and the planet. If your budget is tight, you might need to alter your menu in order to have organic dishes. Locally grown ingredients will save you a great deal of money, and you might even be able to source your organic fare from the farms yourself. Opt for dishes that make good use of seasonal ingredients, and you'll have a delicious and affordable menu.
  • Savory but ethical. Traditional comfort food, summer barbecues and haute cuisine tend to have one thing in common – meat. In any case, the meat you choose for your wedding menu should adhere to your eco-conscious principles. Choose ethically raised animals over conventional meat products, and beware of buzzwords like "organic" or "natural". Instead, look for suppliers who are willing to get specific about conditions, explaining how the animals were raised and the environmental impact of their farming.

Once you've settled on a menu, think about how much food you will need, and aim to order that amount. If there's a bit extra, plan to have containers ready so it can be packed up and taken home after the reception comes to a close. The same goes for your wedding cake, so make sure you choose one that will be as tasty as it is beautiful.

Local Bakeries are Sweeter Choices

Find a cake that suits your taste and style, whether that's a sky-high fondant masterpiece or a humble sponge cake loaded with delicious buttercream. After all, wedding cakes are made to be indulgent! But keep in mind that the location of the bakery and the ingredients they use will have an impact on your carbon footprint, so go local where you can to cut down on transport. If you do opt for local bakers, food suppliers and catering services, the cakes can be much more affordable, the bakery can offer a more personalized experience, and you might get a say in the types or brands of ingredients that go into your cake.

Do your best, but don't kick yourself if you can find a way to tick all the boxes on your sustainability checklist; a lot goes into a wedding menu, so do the best you can and have faith that people will appreciate your efforts and commitment to a healthy, noble lifestyle.