Traditional Weddings

Classic Choices for Traditional Weddings

The timeless style and classic details of a traditional wedding will always strike a beautiful balance between ritual and celebration. If you're more inclined to learn from the past than to re-invent the wheel, include elements in your wedding that have lasted for generations, from a classically designed wedding gown and accessories to a flawless wedding cake and menu filled with customary delicacies.

The key to a perfectly traditional ambience is attention to detail and a soft touch, which can be much easier to achieve with the help of a wedding coordinator. Working with a professional, you can be confident that your wedding flowers and décor will be arranged while you turn your focus to things like your gift registry, wedding favors, and bridesmaid gifts. Learn what customs to include and where a modern touch will count towards a unique, yet time-honored wedding celebration.

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Wedding Cakes and Menus

Classic Cakes

Whether you're led by cultural heritage or textbook sophistication, give a good deal of thought and consideration to your wedding cake and menu. Wedding receptions revolve around food, and unless there's a hiccup in your program or an unplanned event during the reception...

Wedding Dresses and Accessories

Timeless Gowns

From white satin to sparkling stones, traditional wedding gowns and jewelry will always be fashionable. Although fresh takes on wedding wear can be interesting, the warm, feminine grace of the time-honored wedding gown will trump vibrant colors and daring cuts...